Promoting comprehensive eye health with tailored care routines, insightful education, and resources for all ages, prioritizing comfort and vision maintenance

Awakening natural tear production through comprehensive eye care regimens, education, comfort promotion, and resources for healthy vision at all ages

iTear100 Benefits

Experience the next level of eye comfort with iTear100. Revolutionary tech for soothing, hydrating dry eyes. Discover the benefits today!

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iTear100 Technology

Discover iTear100 Technology - the future of displays, delivering unmatched clarity and interactivity to elevate your visual experience!

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iTear100 Vs. Eye Drops

Discover which triumphs for dry eyes: iTear100 or traditional eye drops. Read our in-depth comparative review to find the best solution for you.

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Revitalize your vision with Natural Tear Awakening - promoting eye comfort and education, comprehensive care services for all ages, aiding every eye condition

Revitalize your vision, recognize eye conditions and promote comfort through our comprehensive Eye Health Education and Care Regimens for all ages

Promote eye comfort and vision maintenance with natural tear awakening.

Reviving natural tear production through gentle, hydrating eye care regimens for optimal ocular health
Promoting eye health awareness through crisp understanding of natural tear production and its role in maintaining vision clarity
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Awakening natural tear production through comprehensive eye care regimes, education, and resources for vision maintenance across all ages

Promoting universal eye health through educated care regimens, resources, and insights for all ages; prioritising comfort, treating conditions and maintaining vision

iTear100 Prescription
Alleviate dry eyes with iTear100 Prescription Eye Drops - your tailored solution for optimal vision care and lasting comfort.
iTear100 Support
Get quick solutions with the iTea100 Support User Guide. Find step-by-step troubleshooting instructions for all your iTea100 issues here.
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